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We Are All Gender Inclusive....

We Are All Gender Inclusive....

We are Empowering Individuals To Become Independent, Self Sufficient and Contributing Members of their Communities; Free of Abuse. We do this by Providing Safe Housing Programs to Individuals Who May Be Experiencing Abuse Through Sexual and Domestic Violence, Homelessness and/or but not limited to Self Abuse. Our business provides an array of services tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals who have been in an abusive lifestyle and/or situation. 

We Are All Gender Inclusive....

We Are All Gender Inclusive....

We Are All Gender Inclusive....

   The Olive Press (TOP) is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all clients. We welcome all people who are abused, including anyone traditionally silenced because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, race, religion, age, ability or income level. This means that staying at safe housing includes interactions with people of all genders, sexual orientations and all ethnic and racial backgrounds. This includes people who may identify as lesbian, bisexual, transgender or male, as well as individuals with physical and mental disabilities and elderly people.

Our Experience

We Are All Gender Inclusive....

Our Experience

 As Peer Survivors of homelessness, abuse and array of underlying circumstances ourselves, we now dedicate our lives to guiding other persons in their journey of reaching their goals. We continue our experience through ongoing education through various outlets such as such as webinars, and on-site education certificate programs directly related to the issues of abuse within the communities we serve.

Empowering you

Safe Housing Program

TOP's Sexual and Domestic Violence Advocates

Safe Housing Program


 Olif's Place-Empowering you to become an Independent, Sel-sufficient, Contributing Member of Your Community; FREE of ABUSE! We provide Safe Housing for Individuals in abusive lifestyles and/or situations. We accept persons experiencing or whom have a history of Sexual and/or Domestic violence, Sex Trafficked, Homeless and Self Abuse; in a homelike setting. We address all the underlying issues associated with abuse through our Real Life Life Skills, Our SMART Group classes and meetings.  We connect you with opportunities within your community that align with the Goal Plan you have for Your Life, such as, Employment Opportunities, Education, Behavioral Health Services, Abuse Counseling to name a few.  

WE have Olif's Place in Mesa, Arizona which is an All Gender Inclusive Property for Individuals in Abusive Lifestyles and/or Situations.  Sexual and Domestic Violence, Sex Trafficked  Homelessness and or but not limited to Self Abuse and ..........

We Outreach to other Safe Living Homes for Advocacy Services SMART Group and/or but not limited to Clothing and Food Donations.

TOP's Sexual and Domestic Violence Advocates

Safe Housing Program


TOP's Sexual and Domestic Violence Advocates

TOP's Sexual and Domestic Violence Advocates

TOP's Sexual and Domestic Violence Advocates


Our staff includes trained and certified Sexual and Domestic Violence Advocates onsite.   We educate our clients through in class training and webinars provided through the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence, and other related  Social Providers. www.acesdv.org

We are now members of :  The Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence


TOP Sexual Harassment Policy

TOP's Sexual and Domestic Violence Advocates


‘Paying it Forward, One Individual , One Life at a Time’
A Tribute to My Mother

‘Olf Elizabeth Miller McLeod’              Whom did not survive her abuse.

TOP Sexual Harassment Policy

TOP Sexual Harassment Policy

TOP Sexual Harassment Policy


  THE  OLIVE PRESS Sexual Harassment Policy
The Olive Press is a 501 © (3) Public Charity, Providing Safe Transitional Living Homes for Individuals in Abuse. (Sexual and/or Domestic Violence, Sex Trafficked, Homeless and/or but not limited to Self Abuse

‘The Olive Press’  pledges
in preserving a SAFE environment free from sexual harassment. Harassment is against the law and is a
form of gender discrimination. The aim of this policy is to prevent harassment of any kind by anyone
employed or volunteering by or associated with the organization to include clients.
Sexual harassment consists of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or unwanted
sexual attention by anyone associated with the company, whether male or female. Harassment may
include references to employment or volunteer status or conditions or may serve to create a hostile,
intimidating or uncomfortable work and or living environment. Harassment includes, but is not limited
to, obscene jokes, lewd comments, sexual depictions, repeated requests for dates, touching, staring or
other sexual conduct committed either on or off Organizational premises.
Victims of Sexual Harassment have the right to sue both the company and the perpetrator by
contacting the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or a state agency. For this reason and for the
protection of all our employees volunteers and clients and any and all vendors, The Olive Press seeks to
prevent sexual harassment. All Olive Press employees, volunteers and or clients are responsible for
helping ensure that our said workplace and or living environment is kept free of sexual harassment.
If You Feel You Have Been a Victim of Sexual Harassment, report the behavior to Sarah
P Pate at 720 S Mesa Dr, Mesa, Az 85210 phone # 915-538-8673 or to any supervisor, member of the
personnel department or the organizational staff. If you have witnessed sexual harassment, you also are
urged to report the incident so that prompt action may be taken. All complaints will be treated
seriously, kept as confidential as possible and investigated fully.
The Olive Press expressly forbids any retaliation against employees, volunteers and or clients for
reporting sexual harassment. If, however, the Organization finds that false charges have been filed,
disciplinary and or legal action may be taken against anyone who provides false information. If an
investigation confirms that sexual harassment has occurred, immediate action will be taken to put an
end to the harassment. The Olive Press will take appropriate corrective actions against anyone found to
T HE O L IV E PRE S S Sexual Harassment Policy
be in violation of this policy, including possible termination of employment, volunteer status community
service workers, and or but not limited to clients.
By signing this policy, I agree that I have read and understand The Olive Press Sexual Harassment Policy.

Community Contributions

TOP Sexual Harassment Policy

TOP Sexual Harassment Policy


 Community Contributions: CC’s are a scheduled set of cleaning guidelines on your assigned
property that you live on. These along with the volunteer positions are designed to guide you in
Everyday Life Skills that you will help you with time management, organizational skills, personal
hygeine, cooking, cleaning and various other skills. Included in the CC’s twice a month, you will be
assigned a schedule for volunteering at one of the local community non-profits .  

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Grievance Policy


It is the policy of ‘The Olive Press’, also referred to as TOP; to treat all clients with fairness and professionalism and to strive for excellence in providing services to clients.  TOP policy provides clients and their families or legal guardians with the opportunity to express a problem or grievance related to the quality of services. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, unprofessionally or feel that your rights have been breached, the following procedure should be used.

TOP's grievance procedure is designed to provide a means for clients receiving services to bring a grievance to the attention of TOP’s and to reach a speedy resolution. TOP’s has a strict policy prohibiting retaliation in any form against anyone who files a grievance.

A grievance is defined as any situation or condition that a client thinks is unfair, unjust or inequitable. In addition, if a client merely states they want to file a grievance, a grievance should be completed. Under this Client Grievance Procedure, you should submit a grievance in the following sequence:

If you have a grievance, the concern can be discussed with a TOP supervising staff. If you decide to speak to a TOP staff member and an agreement cannot be reached, you should proceed to the next step of this grievance procedure. You can also file a grievance without any discussion and proceed to the next step. Grievance forms can be found at the following:

* On our website at www.theolivepress.org. See "Grievance Policy"

If the matter has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may choose to discuss your concerns with any supervisor.

Once notified by email, TOP will initiate an investigation within two business days and provide an acknowledgment to you within 7 business days.

TOP will report the outcome of the complaint investigation to you within 14 business days after the complaint is received. If it has not been possible to gather the necessary information that would lead to a resolution by 14 days, you will be notified and given a new date, up to 30 days, by which a resolution or determination will be made. ***NOTE-If you exit TOP's Safe Housing Program please leave a forwarding email so we may continue the grievance process***

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the results, you may contact TOP's Chief Executive Officer to further discuss the matter. The CEO will conduct a review of the matter and will respond to you electronically within 10 business days. The CEO's decision and recommendations will be final.


 *Please send the requested info from this policy through the websites email *The following requested information is to be completed if you wish to make or file a grievance or complaint. You may also ask someone else who is acting with your knowledge and consent to write or express the grievance. (You may file this report anonymously, without your name, however it may make it more difficult for TOP to address the matter.)

Date of Report *

Year Month Day Open popup calendar

Client Name: (Last, First) *

Client Address *

Client Phone *

Program or Location *

Grievance Statement

When did the event or incident happen?

Specific Date(s) *

Time(s) if known

List the name or names of all persons involved in the event or incident *

State the event or incident that prompted this complaint or grievance (Include all relevant details that will help in following up on this issue) *

Please send the requested info from this policy through the websites email *